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EUSL Consulting

Our and your assistant - When it's crucial to do the right thing from the beginning

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EUSL Consulting was developed out of an urgent need to do the right thing from the start. The art of doing the right thing from the beginning usually seems very obvious, but from experience it usually comes through insight. Despite better knowledge, it is seldom as easy in practice. If we are to be the foundation for tomorrow's inclusive and equal society, we must start with ourselves, it is actually absolutely crucial to succeed. 

EUSL Consulting is part of the EUSL Impact division, which ensures that the day-to-day operations are managed properly, including HR issues, everything related to finance, external agreements and asset management. A clustered business that handles everything imaginable and relieves other businesses in a fantastic way. You can call it a digital assistant who has control over basically everything that affects the company. 


Also for our members

EUSL Consulting primarily handles internal operations but also extends a hand to members of the European Social Label. We can assist here with things that for our members sometimes take time or in the worst case scenario where the 'system' sits across. It can be a newly graduated entrepreneur from our entrepreneurship program Social Green House who will drive a taxi, but does not get a vehicle without mortgaging both himself and his home. We also want to assist the idea-driven sector with similar help, so just contact us!


For the idea-driven business

EUSL Consulting does not want to claim that it is exactly like this, but at least has an idea where it is leaning. ASF, Arbetsintegrande Sociala Företag, are zealots who want to do so much for someone else that in many cases they forget about themselves. Websites that look outdated, personnel issues that are not resolved, manual work that could otherwise be digitized and much more. These are costs that rise completely unnecessarily and this is where EUSL Consulting steps in and assists you with the needs that exist. In the beginning, it is usually about putting out fires, but as time goes by, it grows into a more stable platform of work tools, which means that even the ASF companies initially become more stable in their daily operations. As we see it, it is an absolute must to be perceived as safe and stable, not least for the employees who are involved in the business! 

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We always want to hear from you! Praise, criticism, suggestions, views, have we perhaps broken something? Either way, it's just as welcome. Contact us via email, phone or why not send us a message directly via the website!