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EUSL Consulting

For members

Care to Change the World


For those who have a need

It should be easy to hire us. Send an email and describe what is needed. The only really tough requirement is that you are or become a member of the European Social Label. In today's situation, it is incredibly difficult for many companies to get started. It is more expensive than ever to start up and more is required, at the same time lenders and others are significantly more restrictive in their lending. 

For those of you with good motivations for your needs, EUSL Consultant can also assist with purchasing and negotiate other agreements. It can be a computer or a company car that usually requires a personal guarantee, but here we take that risk for you. 



EUSL Consulting can assist you in facilitating your business in several ways. In the first place, the services referred to are:

  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Website maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Personnel management
  • Project management
  • And all your other needs

We use exactly the same system on our members as we use in our internal operations.

EUSL Consulting also has unique agreements with major service providers of work tools such as Workplace by Facebook and more. It is a very good alternative to, for example, Slack in an environment familiar to most people. 

Please contact us with your needs!



When we negotiate agreements for products, it is primarily for customers or members who have not yet had time to build a credit rating. This may apply to a taxi driver who needs a car to be able to perform his daily work, for example. We add a small cost for administrative reasons compared to those who can order themselves but there are no large sums. The agreements are written at reasonable times.

Contact us if interested.