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EUSL Consulting

About our digital assistant

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Digital assistant

To begin with, what does a digital assistant do? The answer is all that you do not really want to do yourself. It can be invoices, bookkeeping, contract management or anything else that you either think takes too long, is too difficult or just completely uninteresting. 

EUSL Consulting primarily relieves the entire European Social Label with various tasks but is also the basis for all activities. If it is an agreement that affects the entire business, then it ends up here. The flexibility is obvious, instead of several invoices there will be only one. Grateful for everyone.


Assistants outside our own business

In the next step, EUSL Consulting supports our own members, mainly those who come via the entrepreneur program Social Green House. But it also applies to ordinary companies, which can be relieved so that they have more time for their ordinary activities. The single biggest advantage is that it will be cheaper for the member as EUSL is not primarily profitable.

Finally, we want to help so-called ASF companies in Sweden to get structure and order and find out about their operations. Fiery souls are always needed but the structure does not necessarily come by itself. Here, EUSL Consulting has a great self-interest in being able to assist so that the employees within ASF get more attention.


A common goal

No one should have to be without employment for more than 30 days. These are the stated goals of the European Social Labels. This is achieved together with the hundreds of organizations that are part of the business, our members and authorities. The goal is to be able to bring together the idea-driven and the private sector. To cope with this, a high degree of transparency is needed for what we do and, above all, how we do it. Without the business being perceived as top-down, a flexible model must be carved out through clear management with geographically individual goals. This is the reason for having as many separate businesses as there are anyway. In order to achieve this, EUSL Consulting is created, not only as a department in a business but as its own legal organization. For us, it is crucial that it is self-sustaining and can act without the interests of others.